Orbital Reconstruction

Orbit, Tumor, Eyelid Laceration, Enucleation

Reconstruction involves repair of the orbit and associated structures, including the surrounding skin tissues, tear passages, and bony walls. These can occur from a wide variety of causes, including trauma, nasolacrimal (tear duct) problems, removal of cancer (for example, Mohs' reconstruction after a dermatologist has resected a skin cancer), orbital fracture repair, enucleation (removal of eye) or exenteration (removal of orbit), or other prior surgery.

PREOP : Eyelid laceration, involving nasolacrimal passage (dog bite)

PREOP : s/p trauma, surgery, and scarring (eyelid retraction)

PREOP : scarring and eyelid refraction from prior surgery

PREOP : Mohs' excision of eyelid tumor

PREOP : Mohs' tumor excision

PREOP : Mohs' excision of eyelid tumor

PREOP : Mohs' excision of tumor involving lid and lacrimal passage

PREOP : Mohs' resection of tumor

PREOP : ruptured globe (right eye) after trauma